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LASAËA – Made in Switzerland

Whether it’s the ingredients, research & development, design, production or packaging – nothing less than Swiss quality goes into creating LASAËA skincare products. The proof: your radiant, healthy complexion.

LASAËA skincare products are formulated with natural thermal waters from the Valais Alps and extracts of the indigenous edelweiss and arnica flowers as well as Alp sebum, a sebum extract derived from the rare Alpine willowherb.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds are synonymous with purity and clarity as well as elegance and luxury. LASAËA’s Brightening line draws on the intrinsic health benefits of diamond powder. In combination with choice botanical active ingredients as well as minerals and vitamins, these diamond powder-infused formulas yield a high-quality skincare line that lightens, firms, and strengthens the skin for a luminous complexion.

Diamond Cream

A potent brightening cream for radiant, healthy skin. Regular use promotes a lighter, firmer skin tone, visibly reduces hyperpigmentation and discloration, and boosts the skin’s immunity.

50 ml

Diamond Mask

A cleansing mask containing powerful active ingredients. Premium quality diamond powder contributes to a fresher appearance and mineralizing kaolin ensures a matted, smooth look.

50 ml

Diamond Serum

Effective treatment for a visibly fresh complexion. This lightening and firming face serum is carefully engineered with botanically based minerals to increase the skin’s immunity and slow down the aging process.

30 ml

Diamond Age Spot Serum

Carefully selected ingredients ensure a porcelain complexion. This hydrating serum significantly reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin. Infused with a premium porcelain flower extract to ensure a radiant complexion.

30 ml

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